Bedtime Book Series

Funded by California Rural Indian Health Board (CRIHB), the Bedtime Book Series is one program ICFPP is beginning to provide a youth and family programming with social distancing.


We hope that by inviting families to participate in reading books with us, we can foster early literacy skills and create a supportive environment for children and their adults to engage with books that touch on Native identity, social emotional well-being, and other important topics.


To learn more about the schedule click here.

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Foster Parenting

Foster parenting is an old concept for the Indian community. Generations ago, Indian foster parents were simply called "extended family". Without extended family, we could not have maintained our valuable Indian traditions. Providing foster care is a fulfilling and meaningful family experience. 

ICFPP recruits and offers assistance to interested people seeking to become licensed to care for Indian children. This includes payment of application fees, assistance with the completion of application, paperwork and interface with licensing departments to comply with the rigid background processes. 

Family at a Beach

Dreamz Not Drugz

In an effort to address substance use and abuse in our community, Dreamz Not Drugz in an annual Native you and family campout designed to offer ongoing access and cultural experiences for traditional, hands-on activities. It also allows youth to build a safe supportive network of peers, adults and service providers. 

Each year we focus on a community driven need and address health and wellness for our families.

We postponed 2020 Dreamz Not Drugz due to COVID-19 precautions. 


Community Wellness Garden

Funded by the ACORNS grant by California Rural Indian Health Board (CRIHB), the Community Wellness Garden and Recreation Complex is in its beginning stages of implementation. After completing a community health assessment, sadly it was determined that our community faced high levels of obesity, commercial tobacco use, unemployment and living at or below federal poverty guidelines. 

The goal of the garden and recreation complex is to combat chronic disease in our communities. We hope that by increasing access to fruits and vegetables and physical fitness activities our community members will adopt a healthier more active lifestyle. 


Honoring Our Own People (HOOP)

The Healing Our Own People (HOOP) grant is funded through California Rural Indian Health Board (CRIHB). The program focuses on community specific cultural ways to make our people aware of suicide awareness prevention. 

This year's suicide prevention activities included screening youth for depression, facilitating Signs of Suicide curriculum and providing a cultural intervention activity. 

Youth ages 10-24 were invited to participate in two luncheons held at Ya-Ka-Ama. The Honoring Our Youth luncheon awarded community nominated youth for outstanding academic, athletic, leadership and artistic talents. 

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