Foster Parenting

Foster parenting is an old concept for the Indian community. Generations ago, Indian foster parents were simply called "extended family". Without extended family, we could not have maintained our valuable Indian traditions. Providing foster care is a fulfilling and meaningful family experience. 

ICFPP recruits and offers assistance to interested people seeking to become licensed to care for Indian children. This includes payment of application fees, assistance with the completion of application, paperwork and interface with licensing departments to comply with the rigid background processes. 

To roll prints with us, please fill out a user profile here.

Family at a Beach

Opioid Overdose Prevention

ICFPP received the Opioid Overdose Prevention Grant from the California Rural Indian Health Board to help spread education around opioid misuse and prevention.

We hosted a youth prevention series over zoom that completed in May 2022. ICFPP will be partnering with the Sonoma County Indian Health Project to support a Youth Big Time July 23rd at Keiser Park in Windsor, CA.


Positive Indian Parenting

ICFPP staff have been certified to lead Positive Indian Parenting (PIP) classes. PIP classes are offered on a need basis with clients of our consortium.


If you are a client of ours, please reach out to


ICFPP Pantry

ICFPP is grateful for our community members generosity to build a "Pantry" where families in need can 'shop' for clothing, diapers and wipes, school supplies, and other household items.

We are still working to stock our shelves and will update the website with updated Pantry Hours.


Dreamz Not Drugz

In an effort to address substance use and abuse in our community, Dreamz Not Drugz in an annual Native you and family campout designed to offer ongoing access and cultural experiences for traditional, hands-on activities. It also allows youth to build a safe supportive network of peers, adults and service providers. 

Each year we focus on a community driven need and address health and wellness for our families.

We have postponed Dreamz Not Drugz due to COVID-19 precautions since 2020. We look forward to reestablishing in Summer 2023.

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