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Family Preservation 

Offering counseling referrals

Conducting supervised visitations

ICWA advocacy for Indian children in the courts and school systems

Cultural Services

Cultural outreach

Cultural activities

Upon request, the ICFPP may be able to provide cultural services to individuals and organizations on a case by case basis. Please contact us for a request. 

Indian Foster Family Recruitment

Application fees payments

Application completion

Interface with licensing departments

Fingerprint Rolling & background exemptions

Tribally Approved Home process

How can we help?


Qualified Expert Witness

Review entire record

Conduct interviews & research

Home assessment

Appear in person for live testimony or submit declaration* (*if stipulated by all parties)

Prepare written reports and/or recommendations

This service has associated fees. 

Expert Witness Request Form


ICWA compliance

Active efforts service plan

Family decision making process

Roundtable formation

Case review

Consultation Request Form


ICWA compliance 

Tribal Criminal Background Check

Cultural awareness 

Historical trauma 

Healing the Healers (Tribal ICWA Advocates)

Custom training packages are available upon request

Training Request Form
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